Kareena Kapoor Khan at Lokmat 2018
Kareena Kapoor KhanVarinder Chawla

Kareena Kapoor is not in the news only for her latest release Veere Di Wedding but also for her comments on feminism. After facing flak online for her statement, Bebo tried to clarify and defend her statement but got trolled again on social media, mostly by women.

Kareena had earlier said that she would not call herself a feminist but she believes in equality. This remark from her had caused a lot of ruckus on social media as people started ridiculing her saying that she has no idea of what feminism really is.

To defend her previous statement, the Veere Di Wedding actress later made another statement adding "I am bit of a feminist but I am a feminist in the right way". This particular phrase from her again became a reason for many to troll her. Most of the ladies on social media, who claim themselves to be believers of feminism, mocked the actress left, right and centre. Many trolling handles also targeted the diva mercilessly.

One of the trolls mocked her saying, "Actually she wanted to say 'I am bit of dumb but I am dumb in the right way'." Many tweets on the line of these words started pouring in on social media, making fun of Kareena's statement.

While some of the reactions in funny in nature, some other criticizing tweets are in serious nature, asking Kareena to educate herself about "feminism". However, there are a few others who expressed support towards the actress saying that she might have refused to get associated with the word because of some "pseudo feminists" who have changed the meaning of the word.

In fact, in her statement, Kareena also had suggested that she refused to call herself a feminist because "most people think feminism means male bashing and it makes women superior". Read her full statement here.

Check some of the tweets here in response to Kareena's statement: