Vijay Deverakonda is heart-broken after Liger failure. Vijay's much-hyped Bollywood debut backed by one of the biggest production houses in the industry fell flat at the box office. However, it is still not the time for the actor to put an end to his Bollywood dreams. And who has come back to the rescue? Vijay's newest friend in town – Karan Johar.

Vijay Deverakonda and Karan Johar
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A bigger project?

Yes, if reports are to be believed, KJo might be planning to bring him back to the Hindi audience with another project. A TOI report states that Karan and Vijay's friendship is still intact despite the fate the film suffered. The two are again in discussion for another project and this time it will be an out-and-out love story, something Vijay has always proven lucky for.

Vijay Deverakonda
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Vijay's emotional speech at SIIMA

It might take Vijay some time to come out of the negativity and backlash Liger received. The film also starred Mike Tyson and Ananya Panday. At the recently held SIIMA, the Arjun Reddy star almost choked up and looked teary-eyed as he made an acceptance speech for another award he received. He promised the audience great entertainment and vowed to bounce back.

"We all have good days. We all have not-so-good days. We all have sh**ty days. But irrespective of how we feel, we get up," he said. The Liger star further added, "And today I actually maybe didn't want to be here taking this award, but I came here and as I speak to you, I promise to you that I will get the job done for all of you and you will be entertained. And great cinema will be made," Vijay said.

The speech left his fans and followers emotional.