Karan Johar has revealed that he might never get married. The renowned producer and director spilled the beans on a chat show. He added that it is too late for him to find a partner and he regrets it. Karan added that it was his focus on the professional front that made him keep his personal life at the backseat.

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What KJo feels now

"I wish I'd focused on my personal life a little more. I don't think I have done that. As a parent, I feel very fulfilled today. And thank God I took that step, and I think I took that step five years too late. I wish I had done that even earlier. But I feel that in all this relationship building, producer building, studio building, I let myself take a back seat in my personal life," he told on a leading chat show.

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The deepest regret

KJo went on to add, "The bigger regret I have is that I didn't give that part of my life the importance that I think that it deserved at a certain point in time and now, I think it might be too late. I think it's perhaps too late for me to now find a life partner, and go to the mountains for a quiet holiday with or kind of have someone hold my hand at times."

He asserted how a parent, a child can never fulfill the love and comfort of a partner. He said that it was a "vacant spot" in his life and that's his deepest regret.