Kareena Kapoor, son Taimur, Karan Johar, daughter Roohi
Kareena Kapoor, son Taimur, Karan Johar, daughter RoohiInstagram

Most people would agree with the fact that whenever a girl meets a boy or vice-versa, your elders immediately ask you to call them your sister and brother. And this ideology develops in you to such an extent that even when you become an adult, girls and boys start bro-zoning each other whenever they try to start a conversation. And filmmaker Karan Johar is someone who strictly hates this so-called theory.

In his recently released segment from his Radio chat show Calling Karan on Ishq FM, Karan Johar vented out his frustration on how people immediately ask us to call each other brother-sister when a guy and girl are together. He asked what if his daughter Roohi and his good friend Kareena Kapoor's son Taimur want to be more than just friends and be together after 20 years from now.

"When a guy and girl are together, they immediately ask us to call each other brother sister. If you meet any elderly person too, you have to call them aunty uncle. But they are definitely not."

He exclaimed, "See, I have two kids, I want to tell you, so when someone comes, like when Taimur comes home, the nurses start saying (to Roohi) to call Taimur brother. But why? Maybe 20 years later, Taimur wants to be with Roohi. Anything can happen 20 years later. Why are we blocking those routes right now?"

And while we couldn't agree with Johar on this more, it remains to be seen whether Roohi and Taimur would have play dates when the kids would come together on the sets of his upcoming period drama Takht which stars Kareena Kapoor in lead roles.

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