Kapil Sharma's drunk tweet not only cost him emotional distress but burnt a huge hole in his pocket too. Comedian Kapil Sharma had landed in trouble after tweeting about the enormous tax amount he pays and alleged he also has to give a bribe to BMC on top of that. The tweet caused a tremendous furor and immense backlash. Kapil has always maintained that he tweeted in a drunken state.

Kapil Sharma
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Kapil Sharma on his drunk tweet

Now, Kapil would soon be back on Netflix's "Kapil Sharma: I am not done yet!" The comedian would be seen in a standup comedy format and would present the other aspects of the highs and lows of his life in a lighter note. Talking about the drunken tweet, Sharma said, "I left for the Maldives instantly, I lived there for 8-9 days. The moment I reached Maldives, I asked them for a room with no internet. They asked, 'Have you got married?' I replied, 'No, I just tweeted.'"

Kapil then adds that even his education didn't cost him this much. He added that he wants to "sue Twitter". In the teaser of the show, Kapil is seen saying, "Hi, this is Kapil Sharma and I'm from Amritsar and I'm done with my English. Thank you." He further adds, "I have said this on the show as well."

Kapil Sharma with children
Kapil Sharma with childrenInstagram

Kapil on his Netflix show

"I have been working in this industry for 25 years now and close to 15 years in the TV industry. I have never taken comedy seriously because we are joking around all the time and it comes naturally to us because we are from Punjab and we love joking around. And I didn't know it was something you could get paid for, " Sharma said.