Kapil Sharma reveals surprising fact about Mika Singh on his show
Kapil Sharma reveals surprising fact about Mika Singh on his show.Instagram

A lot of Bollywood celebrities have social media accounts, while many of them do not have. But there are a few, who despite having official verified accounts, also operate fake accounts. One such star is singer Mika Singh.

Comedian Kapil Sharma on his show made this revelation. Sonakshi Sinha and Badshah had appeared on Kapil Sharma Show recently, wherein, the host made this surprising revelation about his close friend Mika.

The comedian first asked Sonakshi if she replies to trolls' comments on her Instagram photos. The actress said that earlier she used to get into arguments with them at times, but eventually she stopped replying to them.

In continuation to his discussion, Kapil said that he knows a celebrity who runs a fake social media account only to bash trolls who make nasty comments on his posts. Although he first said he would not take the celeb's name, Kapil then revealed it is his "close friend" Mika.

This left all present there astonished and as well as amused. He also added that Mika replies to those trolls with double the harshness that they comment.

Sonakshi Sinha with Archana, Badshah and Kapil Sharma
Sonakshi Sinha with Archana, Badshah and Kapil SharmaPR Handout

Meanwhile, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Ranbir Kapoor are two other stars who do not have any official social media accounts but apparently have fake Instagram accounts to stalk people.

Kapil Sharma Show is one platform where a lot of interesting revelations about popular stars are made. Although a lot of viewers miss Sunil Grover on the show, it is still generating good TRP.