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Though Archana Puran Singh has taken over the judge's couch on the Kapil Sharma Show, there's no denying that we miss Navjot Singh Sidhu in each frame. Let's take a look at 5 reasons we want him back on the show.

Sidhu's shero-shayari: It's not just us, we are sure, even the celebrities who are coming on the show in his absence must be missing his shero-shayari a lot. His play-with-words, the way he compliments celebrities on their looks and talent can never be matched. In fact, it is this part of the show which has always remained one of the major highlights of the show, we all looked forward to.

Genuine laughter: Archana, who has been a judge on many comedy shows, is known for her loud laughter and screen presence. Though we enjoy the way Archana Puran Singh laughs, sometimes her laugh seems too forced and dramatic. While Navjot Singh's laughter always seemed so genuine and heartfelt.

Bond between Kapil and Sidhu: The bond between Kapil Sharma and Navjot Singh Sidhu was not just as a judge and a host but also, as two close friends and there are no two ways about it. Their camaraderie, the chemistry of the rest of the cast with Sidhu and their little nok-jhok has always paved way for some light and fun moments on the show. Though Kapil cracks jokes on Archana Puran Singh too, but we miss to see the bond he had with Sidhu paaji.

Sidhu's anecdotes: A man of immense experience, a man of tremendous skill and an orator like no other; we miss listening to the funny, insightful stories Sidhu always used to share from his cricketing and younger days.

Everyone should get a second chance: Whether the statement Sidhu made was right or wrong, we leave it up to you to judge. But, just like all of us, doesn't he deserve a second chance?