Kapali Mohan at the age of 59 recently committed suicide in Bengaluru. The producer and businessman also left behind a suspicious video that has been making the rounds on social media. The video is being considered as possible evidence pointing towards the reason for his drastic step.

Film producer Kapali Mohan commits suicide in Bengaluru

VK Mohan known as Kapali Mohan was a noted Kannada film producer and businessman. He was also close to the Rajkumar family. According to the police enquiry, the 59-year-old was put up at a hotel in Karnataka's capital, Bengaluru. The police were alerted after the hotel staff had knocked on his door, and got no response, when the staff broke the door open they found his body. Kapali Mohan was a resident of Sadashivanagar.

Kapali Mohan

The report suggests that the death occurred at 2:30 AM and was noticed by the hotel personnel at 9:00 AM. He had been put up at the hotel for the past two days and was staying in room number 108, on the second floor. The hotel staff was the last to establish contact with the actor. The investigation surrounding his death is still ongoing.

Kapali Mohan makes video appeal to the Karnataka govt

A video shot by the producer was also circulated on social media. In the video, Mohan says that he acquired tender for the Peenya bus station. Although being the highest bidder, the station was not operational. He lost a lot of money over the last seven years. In recent weeks Mohan was unable to pay off his debt to banks where he had taken loans. He couldn't pay for his own sustenance. He also lost all of his property. In the video, Mohan makes an appeal to CM Yeddyurappa the deputy CM as well to look into the matter. 

The video is being considered as evidence pointing towards the cause of Mohan's extreme step. A few years ago raids were conducted on Mohan's gambling den. He was also booked previously for charging high interests under the Money Lenders' Act, 1961.