Kanika Kapoor was the first Indian celebrity to have been tested positive for coronavirus. While many blamed her for her recklessness and possibly infecting several others, Kanika pleaded and emphasised on how she took all the precautions. Amid the crisis, let's take a closer look at the singer's personal life.

Though she had been singing since she was 12, the singer only became famous after the song – Baby Doll featuring Sunny Leone in Ragini MMS. Her next song, Chittiyan Kalaiyaan Ve proved that she was not just a one-time wonder and there was something in her voice which the nation seemed to love.

Kanika Kapoor
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And soon, the Kapoor girl was flooded with song and gig offers. Kanika used to sing at All India Radio before joining Bollywood. She was also an active bhajan and thumri singer.

Kanika about bad marriage

Kanika had tried her luck in Bollywood at the age of 16-17. But, when despite her hard work things didn't turn out well, she got married and moved to London. However, the cracks soon started appearing in the marriage and she had to take the decision to walk away with her kids. Talking about the phase, Kapoor had told HT, "I didn't fight. I just moved away.

Kanika Kapoor, Prince Charles
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I'm not confrontational. If something isn't going right, I ignore it and concentrate on the positives. That is what I did even when I was going through hell. It was difficult. But, today, when I see other people going through so much, I feel my life is much easier. Going through a bad marriage was difficult, but most women are in bad marriages. They just don't talk about it, and they can't get out of it."

Having suicidal thoughts

She further said, "I am thankful that God gave me the strength to get up, be a single mother, and restart my life when people were throwing stones at me. I believe that you should just work hard, and things will happen.

Time is never wasted. It happens when you have no money, are going through a bad divorce, and the lawyers are squeezing you to the limit. Plus, you have three kids, who have been thrown out of school because you haven't paid the fees. Then, you fall sick. You hit a low and feel that there is nothing left. But, at the time, I got a lot of support from my mother, my brother and a few friends."