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Remember how netizens showed no mercy while laughing their asses off at Kangana Ranaut for riding a mechanical horse in Manikarnika's behind the scenes (BTS) video? She is now getting equally criticised for pulling off a dangerous wheelie stunt on the sets of Mental Hai Kya.

Pictures of Kangana performing wheelie with the help of wires and flying harnesses in her cop avatar have surfaced online. While it is an accepted norm, a routine procedure in scenes showing the protagonist performing breathtaking stunts in the movie, online users couldn't resists themselves from comparing the bike stunt with her wooden horse riding stunt in Manikarnika.

"Mental bitch. its as fake as her plastic horse riding," an online user commented after scrolling through an Instagram post showing Kangana performing a wheelie stunt while another user commented, "I think she hates everyone in the industry" going by her recent statements against Bollywood actors.

While one online user was still trying to get over Kangana's wooden horse video and wrote, "I was shocked to see her on horse like that", another user tried to pull her leg by saying, "Kangana ji without helmet bike nahi chalate."

Some even mocked Kangana over her statement demanding a National Award for her role in Manikarnika saying that she will now start asking for the same for her bike stunt, while some blasted her for her meddlesome attitude.

"She is so mean.. She tells people about the injustice people did to her..but what about urs..u shamelessly take credit about others hard work, even u play woman card everywhere.. But u mocked ur other actresses... Recently u took credit that slb wanted u in Padmaavat but if he offered why u not did the film, if rejected it then now why u published this news... U DONOT support faminism," an online user wrote.

However, Kangana's die-hard fans tried their best to shut down those who were seeking pleasure in criticising the actress over her wheelie stunt.

"People who criticize her for the horse shot and this one are the same people who think bahubali prabhas actually climbed the big waterfall in that movie hai," a user commented.

While the other one wrote, "No matter wat she will always be my fav."

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