Kangana Ranaut talks about Samyama
Kangana Ranaut talks about Samyama.Twitter

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut had taken an eight-day break before her birthday to spend time at Sadhguru's camp in Coimbatore. The Manikarnika actress-director took part in yoga and meditation sessions and came back rejuvenated. Kangana Ranaut participated in the Samyama sessions for eight days, wherein she had to remain silent. She has spoken about her experience being very spiritual doing Samyama, the highest level at the Isha Foundation, as also Shambhavi Kriya.

After attending the eight-day yoga camp, Kangana Ranaut has claimed that doing the Shambhavi and the Samyama has unleashed Lord Shiva in her and given her back her exuberance and energy levels. "Initially I was very nervous as people do Samyama after five-six years of Kadi Sadhna, but I was doing it after one. But on the fifth or sixth day, it just opened up. I was so grateful I did this," she said.

Explaining her experience, Kangana Ranaut said, "It's difficult to explain the experience in words, but before this, Shiva for me was a dimension and something I could mentally understand. But after (the yoga programme), (it) has unleashed Shiva in me - he has become my breath. When I felt Him for the first time, it took me back to my time as a kid (when) I (had) lost Him.... I told my mother, 'I am home. I have found what I lost, everything makes sense'. Something so profound has happened to me, that no amount of success, money, awards, relationships have ever touched me like that."

At the success party of Manikarnika, too, Kangana Ranaut had urged everyone to undertake such activities for self-improvement in the many such retreats or yoga centres available in the country. But it seems some people have not taken her comments lightly, making fun of her as usual.

Kangana Ranaut's Shiva claims have been rubbished as schizophrenia by a psychologist
Kangana Ranaut's Shiva claims have been rubbished as schizophrenia by a psychologist.Facebook

A user on Facebook has reacted to this confession of Kangana Ranaut by saying, "9 days of yoga made me find Mia Khalifa", taking a dig at Kangana Ranaut and comparing her Shiva experience to the former pornstar. Another user called Vivek Sharma who claims to be a psychologist in his comments has stated, "Classic case of schizophrenia coming. Just wait for 1-2 more years". IBTIMES contacted Vivek Sharma for further comment, who replied saying he is not a qualified psychologist but a researcher.

On her birthday on March 23, Kangana Ranaut announced that she will play J Jayalalithaa in the biopic of the late actress and Tamil Nadu CM. The movie will be made in Tamil and Hindi and called Thalaivi and Jaya, respectively. The other two movies immediately in her kitty are Mental Hai Kya and Panga.