Since the Galwan Valley face-off with China at the border, tensions have risen in India. This has also brought on a protest of Chinese-made goods and products in India. A few days back many trade bodies were requesting Bollywood, many of whom endorse Chinese products to join in the boycott. 

Kangana Ranaut stepped up earlier today positive a video on social media, speaking about the Chinese attack and condemning the face-off at the border. However, she also appealed for a boycott of Chinese goods in the nation. She's one of the very few in Bollywood to call for the boycott.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut calls for a boycott of Chinese products

Indo-China relations have been deeply impacted in the last couple of weeks, ever since the Galwan Valley standoff. After India lost 20 soldiers in the violent face-off, tensions have risen within the country as the two governments hold talks and the public has been outraged over how things have panned out, with a dangerous turn of events.

In light of everything that has gone on, netizens have been calling for a complete boycott of Chinese goods in India. The problem is that Chinese goods have flooded Indian markets and it becomes difficult. Appealing to public influencers like Bollywood celebrities, the Confederation of All India Traders had requested that celebrities slash endorsements of Chinese goods and support the boycott.

However, Bollywood has so far kept absolutely mum about the situation. This may primarily be because of China as a large market for Bollywood and many Indian celebrities have large fanbases in the country like Aamir Khan. Many Bollywood actors have endorsed Chinese goods, phones and laptops like Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Aamir Khan, etc. 

Kangana Ranaut however, released a video earlier today calling for the boycott of Chinese goods. Condemning the Galwan valley standoff the actress said, "Shouldn't we also take part in the fight? All the Chinese goods, products and companies that they have invested in which bring them returns and revenues, and organisations, all of them should be destroyed, so that all the gains they get from here, using which they buy weapons and slash the chests of our soldiers. So can we take the side of China in this war? You tell me. Is it not our responsibility to support our army, and government? So, we will take an oath to be 'Atmanirbhar' (Self-dependent) and we'll completely boycott Chinese goods, participate in this war and help India win." 

Her video received an overwhelming response from fans for being one of the few in Bollywood to show outright support to the effort to boycott China