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When it comes to flaunting yourself to be a true Indian, there's no who can beat Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel who keeps updating Kangana's fans with the actress' important activities. But when Rangoli recently shared Kangana's airport look wearing a Rs 600 sari on Twitter, the actress found herself at the receiving end of criticism. And let us tell you why.

As we all know that Kangana is fond of saris. She even slayed the Cannes 2019 fashion game in a sari in an attempt to promote the traditional Indian outfit at the pretigious event. Keeping up with love for saris, Kangana was seen wearing a plain cotton sari worth Rs 600 as described by Rangoli in her Twitter post.

Urging Indians to extend their support to the in-house brands, Rangoli uploaded a photograph of Kangana's 'Make in India' look and wrote, "On her way to Jaipur today Kangana is wearing Rs 600 sari she picked from Kolkata, she was shocked to know one can get such good organic cotton in this amount and it is heart breaking to see how hard our people work and how little they earn. Please support our own before international brands take away this also from them. Indian weavers."

But more than Kangana's sari and its cost, Twitter users pointed out how the actress was carrying a luxury handbag and trenchcoat in the photograph. From calling Kangana a hypocrite and Rangoli a fake, people ripped the Ranaut sisters apart like anything.

"Why Prada bag with Rs 600 saree. Absolutely hypocritical," read a comment while another user said, "Holding a Prada bag worth Rs 2-3 lacs, wearing Sunglasses and heels worth Rs 1-2 lacs and your propaganda priceless. Fake hone ki bhi limit hoti hai," the Twitter user said.

Well, Kangana's fashion game undoubtedly backfired all thanks to her sister Rangoli. Sigh.