Rangoli Chandel, Kangana Ranaut
Rangoli Chandel, Kangana RanautTwitter

Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel, who made sensational allegaions against Taapsee Pannu, is apparently admitting that her sister used the name of superstar Hrithik Roshan for publicity of her films.

It is known that Kangana Ranaut has been raising her voice against nepotism in the film industry for years now. During the release of Manikarnika, Kangana had expressed her disappointment, saying that many of her female colleagues had not spoken about her work in the film and despite being women, they did not support her. But Taapsee Pannu exposed her apparent hypocrisy and double standards.

In an interview, Taapsee Pannu called out Kangana Ranaut for being a feminist of convenience. "She has always spoken about how a woman should support another woman, but I did not hear any words of praise for my films. There are five women in Mission Mangal. Is she praising us?" she told Mid-Day,

Taapsee Pannu in Game Over
Taapsee Pannu in Game OverTwitter

Rangoli Chandel, who had recently called Taapsee Pannu a 'sasti copy' of Kangana Ranaut, could not digest her words about her sister and took to Twitter to launch a tirade against the Mission Mangal actress. But this time, she appeared to be stooping to a new low. In a series of tweets, she made a personal attack on Taapsee with some demeaning remarks.

Rangoli Chandel also alleged Taapsee Pannu was using Kangana's name for her publicity. She invited the latter for a fight in public, by saying that instead of going to media, she should answer her questions on Twitter. Here is the series of tweets posted by Kangana Ranaut's sister.

  • Yeh Madam is attacking Kangana everyday,arrey bhai tune kya kiya hai for what we should praise you? 2 mins role in a film lead by Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan. Or playing character roles in Big B films or carrying same confused expression through all your film..
  • kaun sa praise?? Making nasty remarks about a great artist isn't enough what is there to your credit, you arnt a kid you are also 32 years Kangana's age, what have you achieved for what we should praise you??...
  • Look at all your interviews only one thing they call you for is to discuss Kangana Ranaut, don't ask you any other question, show me one question which is about your work or achievements?
  • Don't run to the media answer me here, please I am asking openly please respond openly not slyly.

Usual trend in the film industry, celebs avoid controversial questions especially related to their colleagues during the promotions of their films. Taapsee could have also avoided talking about Kangana Ranaut, but she did not. However, she sounded genuine and gracious towards her senior colleague. Moreover, she has not spoken about her too many times. What is more interesting is that her reply has not got enough coverage like that of Kangana.

One cannot deny the fact that Kangana Ranaut is one among the most talented and daring actresses of B-Town. She is also one of the few self-made actresses. But it was her views on nepotism that gave a boost to her popularity. Her rant against some of her colleagues, especially Hrithik Roshan, made her even more popupar among the masses.

Kangana Ranaut has spoken about her controversial relationship with Hrithik Roshan in almost every interview during the promotion of some of her recent movies, except for the last couple of films. In fact, her comments on Hrithik created more buzz in the media than her movies. They have not only got her wider coverage, but also gained sympathies for her.

Rangoli Chandel may be right in saying that Taapsee Pannu was wrong in talking about her sister Kangana Ranaut. But she needs to answer some of these questions. Why did Kangana speak about Hrithik Roshan in so many interviews? Why did she not sort out her issue in court instead of talking about it in media? Wasn't her stint in the media a publicity stunt for her films? If yes, why should Taapsee not have that right?