Kanchana 3 Full Movie Download
Raghava Lawrence's Kanchana 3.PR Handout

Raghava Lawrence's Kanchana 3, fourth instalment in the Muni franchise, is a horror-comedy, which has three female leads in the form of Oviyaa, Vedhika and Nikki Tamboli. The movie has garnered mixed reviews from the critics.

The movie was released on Friday, 19 April, in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam languages. The success of the previous instalments had made the fans pin high hopes on Kanchana 3. As a result, the Raghava Lawrence-starrer has got a good opening at the Tamil Nadu box office.

In Kanchana 3, Lawrence plays dual roles of Raghava and Kaali. The template of the movie is the same as earlier and it is about how a ghost seeks revenge against the baddies by using entering Raghava's body.

The movie has got mixed reviews, but critics in large have pointed out that the flick is packed with action, horror, comedy and glamour. However, the repetitive scenes and crass jokes have not gone well. Nonetheless, trade trackers were hoping that the movie would attract the cine-goers, especially family audience considering the long holiday weekend.

With the movie is now being hit by piracy, uncertainty over its prospects at the box office has loomed. The full movie with different qualities are out online for "free downloading." 

There are a couple of torrent sites which have already uploaded the full movie with different qualities. But this does not come as a surprise as all big movies these days make it to the Internet within a day of release.

Although the film industry and the central government's Department of Telecommunications have severe measures in place to curb such malpractices, movies are making their way to the Internet some way or the other.

From Rajinikanth's Petta to Vijay Sethupathi's recent film Super Deluxe, all the films are making it to torrent sites which tells the helpness of the film in preventing piracy.