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The music for upcoming movie "Kakki Sattai", which was composed by Anirudh Ravichander and launched on 12 December, has opened to positive reviews. The film is directed by RS Durai Senthilkumar and has Sivakarthikeyan, Prabhu and Sri Divya in the lead role.

The album of "Kakki Sattai" has a total of five song and two theme music. The songs of the movie are sung by Vishal Dadlani, Anirudh, Shakthishree Gopalan, Sivakarthikeyan, Anita, Antony Dasan and Manasi. Lyrics are by Yugabharathi, Arun Raja Kamaraj and Anthony Dasan.

"Kakki Sattai' is expected to hit the theatres as a Pongal release and is produced by Dhanush under the banner of Wanderbar Films.

Here are the reviews of "Kakki Sattai" music by various critics:

"Kaaki Sattai", Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

"Vishal Dudlani's rugged voice and the funkiness in the treatment of the song establish the theme. Effects of the walkies-talkies and the functional use of the siren sound are innovative. Distorted guitars, rudiments on the snare and chorus portions by the children are the daring attempts."- Behindwoods

"A cool title track fitting the police theme. The song sticks to the one catch loop, which happens to be the primary theme music of the film. Vishal Dadlani continues his grunting singing style on top of all the medley of instruments in the background. Expect this song to help improve his Sivakarthikeyan's massdom." – Moviecrow

"As like the lyrics, 'Pori parakkuthey, Theri therikkuthey" intro song theri in terms of voice and music. Disco music and changing tempo apt for the theme of the song. "Ta" chorus, a sing along venture. As per the title, song full of police theme musical instruments used is innovative." - Studioflicks

"Kadhal Kan Kattudhe", Singers: Anirudh, Shakthishree Gopalan, Lyrics: Yugabharathi

"The bolder Shakthi Shree and the alluring Anirudh team up for a structured melody. Minute portions of flute and veenai along with dampened beats give a whole new genre'- blues and mild folk. The acoustic guitar strumming in the background, harmonium for the interlude and the strong bass line are the scoring areas. The slow progression of the tune, sudden lows and the break-downs are Anirudh's killer elements." – Behindwoods

"This track sounds works mainly due to Shaktishree's effervescent vocals. The orchestration is really beautiful, and the interludes score high with all the fusion elements. A lovely high pitch romance number well sung by Shakthishree and Anirudh" - Moviecrow

"A breezy song where you will forget this world while hearing.. After the initial Shakthishree voice, music goes down from a high pitch and then the piano music simply a magic and it ends with a veena sound, a touch. Flute music in the middle and then Anirudh voice with beats awesome to hear. Instant likeable song." - Studioflicks

"The Trooper Theme"

"Anirudh gets all of his international exposure in this one single track. Dub-step, EDM, rap, DJ effects and the contrasting Udukkai for a theme song. Listeners already exposed to such gaming-type numbers can relish it. "- Behindwoods

"Heavy EDM set, meant to work with the movie"- Moviecrow

"A mix of various flavours in a theme,. Electronic Dance Music well used with the techno sounds in a short theme music". – Studioflicks

"I'm so cool", Singers: Anirudh, Sivakarthikeyan, Lyrics: Arun Raja Kamaraj

"Anirudh's voice and the colloquial lyrics are the striking features. The jumpy loop station, Sivakarthikeyan's gimmicks and the sudden konnakol are all surprising. The appealing drum rolls and the over-lapping flute notations are experimental. The charanam part is the winner. A catchy track is ready." – Behindwoods

'Interesting mixing, served with the usual Tanglish lyrics one would expect from an Anirudh track, the ascending nature of the mood reaches a high as Sivakarthikeyan joins the party. The song provides multiple catchy tunes played with multiple erratic mix of instruments. This is expected to be the most popular song of the album, and is sure to set the dance floors on fire."- Moviecrow

"A complete experimental overlapping music of the album. Flute and classical mix in the middle impressive. Siva's voice over, a laughter riot. Vitty lyrics and trendy words make it a rhythmic one."- Studioflicks

Kaaki Sattai Theme Music

"This is the instrumental adaptation of the title song led by saxophone. Guitars on full throttle and the chenda melam offer a power-packed, energetic theme song. "- Behindwoods

"Anirudh decides to go lesser heavier for the theme track this time, and it has come off really well. The basic feel of a "cool cop" is achieved, and that should be enough to make this work both on and off screen. Perfect stuff for the masses" – Moviescrow

"An extension of the title song in music, Rhythmic starting tune and trendy words make it a rhythmic one". – Studioflicks

"Kattikida", Singers: Anita , Antonydasan, Manasi, Lyrics: Anthony Dassan

"A soft-folk and jazz merged number with programmed thavil. The accents on the tape beats, slapping of the bass guitar, nadhaswaram in the prelude, female chorus portions and the use of tumbi towards the end show Anirudh is getting explorative. Anthony Daasan is the life-line of the song."- Behindwoods

"Anthony Dasan provides his usual to a very customary folk track. Being slong for 'asapangkuthu' number, the song has interesting interludes that has the potential to hook you., the song doesn't elevate in the charanam. It might find takers for its uncanny mixing. – Movie Crow

"A folk song without much crowd. Anthony lyrics and voice, a one man show with chorus female voice adds flavour to it. In the middle, music went out from folk, a rhythmic tune and then back to folk, a different approach."- Studioflicks

"Shake That", Singers: Anirudh

"Trumpet - Congo beats - Loop station - jarring effects - street rap - DJ - house mix . Untried effort from Anirudh is 'Shake that'. A street hip-hop like mix with groovy loops, rapping, Congo beats and the trumpets. A song for listeners with international tastes!" –Behindwoods

"Anirudh decides to go less heavy for the theme track this time, and it has come off really well. The basic feel of a "cool cap" is achieved, and that should be enough to make this work both on and off-screen. Perfect stuff for the masses! – Moviecrow

"A international kind song. 'Shake that' throughout the song, DJ music, English mix, rap tune jus to make your heads shake. A new try and at the end, your mind will be blank when you think to sing."- Studioflicks