An old video of Kajol has gone viral and is heavily been slammed for her tone-deaf comment. The clip is from Kajol's appearance on Koffee with Karan. In the clip where she was seen sharing the couch with cousin and filmmaker Ayan Mukerji, the Devi actress can be seen making some tone-deaf comment about how she doesn't look poor even when she wears ghaghra choli.


Another statement of hers that caught the netizens' ire is the way she bragged about how her rings could buy 'many people over' and 'many houses over'. The whole conversation started when Karan Johar pointed out that the only criticism that has come her way is that she has not been very experimental with her roles. He said, "We have never seen you play this village belle".


Kajol's statement

To this, Kajol made the most obnoxious statement probably ever made on the show. She said, "You know I decided very early on that I just look rich." She goes on to say, "I don't look poor. Whatever I do at the end of the day, even if I'm wearing a Ghaghra Choli at one point of time, which I was wearing in Hulchul. I looked at myself and said, 'You know, I don't look poor from any... I don't look with my rings and my this thing and my Om ring that could probably buy god knows how many people over... houses over...".

While the three of them burst out laughing, Karan did give the actress a piece of his mind. The ace filmmaker said, "Kajol, I think you're quite wrong. I think you have a self-elevation opinion of yourself."

Social media fuming

And now, social media is quite upset with Kajol's statements. "This particular statement of hers was really annoying. Thank you OP for catching this. She's really crass and tries so hard to appear rich and snooty. Key word is tries. She is quite tone deaf. It's just a diamond ring Kajol. Get over yourself," wrote one social media user.

"Rich people don't wear ghaghra choli?" asked another user. "Such crass attitude," commented one more user. "Why do we tolerate such people," asked another.