Karthi's Kaashmora is releasing in India on Friday, 28 October.PVP Cinema Twitter Account

Kaashmora has opened to positive reviews. The Tamil movie is appreciated for Karthi's brilliant performance and the eye-pleasing visuals backed by a good story. 

Karthi's Kaashmora, also spelled Kashmora, is a multi-genre film directed by Gokul. The SR Prabhu-produced movie has Nayanthara and Sri Divya playing the female leads. Vivek, Sharath Lohitashwa, Madhusudhan Rao and many others are also in the cast.

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Om Prakash is the cinematographer, while VJ Sabu Joseph has handled the editing department. Santhosh Narayanan is the music director of Kaashmora. He has churned out a few hit tracks like 'Thakida Thakida,' 'Jagadhamma' and 'Oyaa Oyaa.'

Karthi plays a dual role in the movie of a self-obsessed warlord named Raj Nayak and a black magician Kaashmora. Nayanthara has enacted the role of princess Nayanthara and Sri Divya will be seen as a PhD student, who is doing a research on sorcery.

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Kaashmora promises to entertain viewers with its fantasy and horror elements. The movie travels 500 years back and gets connected to the present-day happenings. Interestingly, the flick does not have romance despite two female leads. The film is set to give a new experience to the Tamil cine goers with its 30-minute period portion. A particular sequence has been shot using 360-degree omnidirectional camera rig and this is the first Indian movie to use this technology.

Going by the trailer and other promotional materials, people may compare this movie with Baahubali – The Conclusion. But the makers of Karthi's film have clarified that there is no match between two films as Kaashmora is made with much-lesser budget than SS Rajamouli's flick. The latest flick promises to be a highly-entertaining film.

Kaashmora (Karthi) with his father (Vivekh) cheats people in the name of black magic and accidentally they become popular, drawing the attention of a politician (Sharath Lohitashwa). Now, they get a bigger opportunity to loot the money of the corrupt politician and in the process they land in a haunted house. What happens next should be seen on-screen.

The movie has turned out to be a good entertainer. Karthi and Nayanthara's acting get full marks. The technical departments too contribute a lot to the success of the film. Below, we bring you the viewers' response to the movie, which has been simultaneously released in Tamil and Telugu with the same name:

Muhammed Arif: #kashmora mixed of Mass movie and Jackson Durai.. but well executed!!!
#kashmora paisa vasool guarantee!!! Kids will surely enjoy!!! Perfect treat for Diwali!!! Go with your family!!!
#kashmora very good first half and average second half!!! Liked comedy portions!!!Second half and CG works could have been better!!!
#kashmora over all one time watchable.. clean family entertainer!!! Watch it for comedy tracks especially for vivek sir performance!!!
#kashmora finished!!! Second half very average..expected lot for the flash back portion & climax but ends with usual commercial horror flick
What Mass movie missed #kashmora fall in the correct place with good comedy and neat screenplay..expect nayan entry post interval.
#kashmora biggest plus is the comedy tracks are moving with logics!!! Clean and neat screenplay!!! Kudos to dir gokul!!!

Sidhu: #Kaashmora: Nevertheless, the horror-comedy genre which is a crowd favorite now is a given, and that should do the job. Let's wait and see.
#Kaashmora: Karthi is a performer and that's proven here, along with Vivek and Nayan - the main cast is the plus point of film.
#Kaashmora: Gokul's ideas are appreciable, but he lacks conviction to hold attention. Few laughs and grand visuals add up - some respite.
#Kaashmora: Borderline enjoyable package which is a mix of horror, comedy, fantasy and period elements. Liked it in parts.
#Kaashmora Interval: On the slower side, but the occasional jokes are keeping it alive. Story picks up pace from the pre-interval scene.

Teejay S: #Kaashmora review (3.5/5) - On overall a great movie for Diwali, that entertains throughout.
#Kaashmora review (3.5/5) kudos to this man @prabhu_sr for making such a good film. Takes guts after #Bahubali
#Kaashmora review (3.5/5) @Music_Santhosh although the music was a speedbreaker. His BGM was a killer!
#Kaashmora review (3.5/5) @Actor_Vivek along with @Karthi_Offl is what kept us so entertained. He is back in style!
#Kaashmora review (3.5/5) #SriDivya does the city girl role well. Though it seemed a bit forced into the script.
#Kaashmora review (3.5/5) Although #Nayanthara was there briefly. The impact she made was huge!! Looked majestic!
#Kaashmora review (3.5/5) @Karthi_Offl as #Rajanayak is menacing & completely different acting style frm Kaashmora!
#Kaashmora review (3.5/5) @Karthi_Offl lives the role as the Kaashmora with his gimmicks &brings laughter throughout

Thamarai Kannan: #Kaashmora - comedy works, Horror, mythology,war sequences fail terribly in kaashmora. #Nayanthara a terrible casting choice

Sasi: #kashmora #Kashmora comedy worked out really well. Karthi is back with his core strength.. Finally going to be well deserved hit for karthi

Vasanthan: Those less known yet terrific actors of #iDhaBa make an appearance and bring the roof down here too. #Kaashmora
#Karthi's hardwork in all roles s evident and if at all anythin the movie does work in parts jus because of him #Kaashmora
New film in the horror comedy season of tamil cinema albeit a magnanimous one, works in moments, the historical portions & Nayan #Kashmora
Amar Chithra Katha pola oru kathai aana konjam illa heavy aavae golti hangover, cud hav given somethin diff, sry boss #Kaashmora
Loved d pre intrvl 15 min seg alone,wish the remainin portion was as good as dat,bit underwhelmin,waitin 4 #Rajnayak #Halftime #Kaashmora

ChristopherKanagaraj: #kashmora | 1st hlf - Except few comedy portion & interval block, nothing is interesting. No Nayan yet, Sridivya for 3 scenes.Vivek gud.Avg!
#kashmora | 2nd hlf - Lengthy, not so interesting screenplay. Karthi & Nayan performace gud. Bgm gud. CGI work okay.A different attempt!!!

VJ Abishek: You might find it lengthy! But best film made in this genre' till date! Every little doubt falls in place n all effort turn worthy #Kashmora
There is still logic in d imaginary world @DirectorGokul has created 4 #Kashmora Solid writing backed by super performances! Pace issues :(
One weird thing abt #Kashmora @Music_Santhosh and the sound designer has given some blank places.
There might be pace issues, bt lovn d way @DirectorGokul has workd on setting d premise of d story by committing it in d dialogs #Kashmora
Entire film is carried by @Karthi_Offl Be it d body language or d enhancements during dubbing, he is outperformed himself! @prabhu_sr rocks
Production value is bludy inspiring! Writing cud've been titer bt comdy 2wards d middle works big time! 1st half settles on a high #Kashmora

Mithunrain: #kashmora complete comedy in first half and the period segment coming in the second half. waiting for grand opening #Diwali
#Kashmora is the david with 50cr budget seems to be ready to challenge the giat goaliath #bahubali with its war sequence n period segment.

Sattish Viswanath: #Kaashmora interval boring here and there, decent humour and few logic missing. CG WORK DONE WELL

Aravind Ramesh: #Kaashmora s a new take on black magic and has wonderful performances and sooper set designs and production value.. Wholesome Entertainer :)