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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are taking their romance and wedding vow to a new level. The singer has finally sported his wedding ring, which is the first time! Ever since they got married in a small secret courthouse ceremony last year in September, neither Hailey, not Justin have worn their wedding bands. However, earlier, the couple was spotted wearing their wedding bands as they stepped out.

While they may be taking their sweet time to plan an extravagant wedding, they certainly are taking things one step after another. During the Memorial Day weekend, Justin and Hailey were spotted shopping at Carter, perhaps for wedding bands? At the beginning of this week, Hailey was spotted flaunting her huge diamond engagement ring. However, right under it was a pretty silver band. Later the same day, Justin also took to Instagram to share some promotional pictures of his clothing line, Drew, where he sported his wedding band. Along with his clothes, Bieber held his hand out with a silver band sticking out. Check it out below.

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Ever since the couple announced their engagement back in July, Hailey has been wearing her engagement ring everywhere. Speaking to People, a source from the jewellery store stated, "In the end, Justin wanted something that would gracefully accentuate Hailey's beautifully shaped hands. We settled on an oval stone that was just exceptional in its length and grace. Look at her hands — she's exquisite." Although Justin and Hailey did plan to host a big wedding for their friends and close family, they have had some ups and downs.

Earlier this year, in February, to be specific, Bieber announced that he was taking help for mental health. "Hailey keeps supporting him. They will still have a wedding when they feel they are ready," the source said. "The most important thing for them is that Justin is mentally healthy." As his treatment for depression began, things have been much better for the Canadian pop star. "It seems his treatment has helped him a lot. It has changed the way he thinks," the insider said. "He is much more focused on taking one day at a time. It's when he starts thinking too far ahead that he gets stressed out and feels pressure."

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The source further added that what prompted him to take therapy is thanks to Hailey. "He wants to be the best possible husband for Hailey," the source said. "It's one thing to have your issues when you're single, but when you're married, there's two people's happiness at stake. He's working on himself so that he can be a good partner to her." Looks like things are going to be better for these two.