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Justice League releases in a week and fans have high hopes on to the DCEU movie. 

As the movie was caught up in several controversies since the beginning of this year, the critics' reviews and fan reactions play a crucial role in its box office reception.

While the critics' reviews will not arrive until Tuesday (November 14), actress Diane Lane, who played Superman Henry Cavill's mother in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and will reprise the role for Justice League, recently revealed that she watched the DCEU movie.

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Sharing her reaction from the early preview, the Martha actress said she found the movie great, almost sounding as if she was shocked it turned out that way.

The actress appeared on Wendy Williams show and shared her thoughts on the final cut. Without giving away any spoilers, she said:

"I got to see the movie, and I'm delighted with it. It's such great acting – and I don't mean to sound surprised – but there's so many special effects in these movies, you can sometimes be overwhelmed by all that. But there been a lot of pressure on it to be a big hit this year, and I'm just like 'Phew,' it's great! It's going to be good."

Earlier this week, Lane also was seen on the Today Show where she said that she was "thrilled" about the film's release. Using the word "surprise" again, she said:

"I'm charmed, I'm thrilled. I just saw the movie and I'm very psyched, I'm very pleased. Lots of surprises and some fabulous acting from everybody. I mean, I was totally impressed."

Justice League
Warner Bros released the new Justice League trailer and an official poster that doesn't feature Superman Henry CavillJustice League Movie, Facebook

Without letting out anything about the plot, the actress went on to say:

"Gal Gadot's amazing, obviously and I'm huge fans of everybody in it. We've got Cyborg now; we've got The Flash, now. We've got Aquaman, now. So, a lot more for fans."

Lane stirred up the social media earlier this year when she commented that Justice League wouldn't be on par with Marvel's Avengers. Appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, she was asked if JL would be better than Avengers. She said, "No, and no. Short but honest - I hate to disappoint, but..."

The statement kicked up a huge backlash from DC fans which led to Lane clarifying her statement.

Justice League releases on November 17.