Justice League released its new trailer last weekend and confirmed that the league will unite in November. However, the union is still under production. The DCEU movie h as been "extensively reshot" under Joss Whedon's guidance.

Justice League
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Though the movie's filming location is secret, avid Justice League followers have found their way to the spot and have shared a few images from the sets . Earlier, Wonder Woman related plot teaser photos were shared online, now photos connected to Aquaman's storyline have surfaced online too.

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Reported by Comicbook.com, the photos have been shared by Batman Notes on their Twitter account. The new photos reveal that the film is being shot at New Cardington as the crew arranges for the set up.

Of the several photos shared, there are a few pictres which show a red brick building called Lakeview Apartments. Comicbook.com speculates that it could be that one of the JL cast members are put up in the building, in the movie, and it could be The Flash.

Sharing the pictures on their website, Batman Notes revealed that Justice League will be filmed in two other areas of the UK – Southill Estate and Bedfordshire. The heart of Bedfordshire houses a mansion. Given that Ben Affleck was spotted in the city recently, Comicbook.com suggests that the manor could be related to Batman.

A third location has also been shared by Batman Notes which hints an Aquaman spoiler. The website revealed that Justice League is expected to be shot at Southill Lake and Woods. The scenes will reportedly shot close to the waterfront. This indicates that there are chances of a few scenes featuring Jason Momoa are scheduled to be reshot. 

The extensive reshoots by Warner Bros and DCEU is turning out to be an expensive deal for the studios. Variety reported that the production houses were spending about $25 million on extensive reshoots which have prolonged for approximately two months in London and Los Angeles.

The reshoots is also causing hindrance in the casts' schedules. Henry Cavill is facing the brunt of the schedule delays the most. The reshoots reports revealed that WB will digitally remove his moustache which he grew for Mission: Impossible 6. This led to numerous memes and the actor had to clarify his stand on maintaining the beard.

With so much hype created around Justice League reshoots, fans will have high hopes from the movie. Justice League is slated to release on November, 17 this year.