Justice League

Justice League fans, brace yourselves, there is a storm of photos from the behind the scenes of the DCEU movie coming your way. Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon's Justice League is scheduled to be released later this year. The cast and crew of the Warner Bros movie are in the UK to reshoot a few parts of the film.

Earlier this week, a set of pictures connecting the Justice League with the Wonder Woman storyline made way online. Newer pictures from Justice League's reshoot filming locations have now surfaced online that give some important spoilers.

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According to the new pictures shared by Twitter user DC World, a series of spoilers is being teased. The images show Gotham City props that appeared online a couple of days ago. However, newer set-ups have also been revealed in the series of images, with the most important picture being the Hall of Justice.

The pictures have been clicked by Skillin and show an intricately designed building erected between green stretches of land. The building's set-up is partially constructed but the top portion is visible in the picture. A facade is erected and placed in an arch shape with elaborate trimmings. The bottom half of the building looks as though it is still under construction or would be created using VFX.

The set-up shares an uncanny resemblance to the Hall of Justice, and this has got everyone speculating that the iconic DC building will make its way to the Justice League movie. Twitter handle Batman Note also replied to the photos, saying that Aquaman Jason Momoa was spotted at the location, reshooting a few scenes. 

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It has been a while since the news about the reshoot surfaced. Rumours are rife about several additional scenes and storylines being added to the film.

Taking a hilarious dig at the reshoot rumours, DC Films president Geoff Johns teased fans with a tweet. With Spider-Man: Homecoming releasing in a few weeks, the DC celebrity tweeted out a tongue-in-the-cheek post informing fans that Marvel's Spider-Man and even cartoon character Scooby Doo will be making an appearance in Justice League.

Fans took the crossover joke with applause. Some even dated back the Batman-Robin and Scooby Doo cartoon crossover to remind fans that anything is possible.

As of now, Justice League has confirmed that supporting stars from Wonder Woman, The Flash and Aquaman will feature in the movie. Justice League releases on November 17.

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