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The DC Extended Universe and Warner Bros have kept Superman's resurrection in Justice League as a well guarded secret. While they have shown just one glimpse of the superhero in the New York Comic-Con trailer, not much of the role has been revealed.

This secret has given a perfect opportunity for Henry Cavill to tease the character. The cast featuring Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Cavill, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller were in China recently when the Man of Steel star teased Superman's influence on Justice League.

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Spilling secrets rather too safely, the actor was caught on camera revealing that in the movie, Batman was the most influenced by Superman's character.

"Superman to the League is a, he has a sense of what is missing," Cavill said. "He has completely changed Batman's perspective of these characters with special abilities and powers," he added.

Cavill also stated that Superman essentially resorted Bruce's faith in people resulting in the Cape Crusader reaching out to others – Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg – for help, reports. 

The site also states that Batman in the League movie will be closer to the character fans know. He is portrayed as someone who is struggling with opening up to people due to his dark past. However, thanks to Superman, the character undergoes an overhaul in the movie.

"Here, he's really in the mode of your more classic Batman story, where he's more heroic, trying to save and protect people, trying to build this unit," Affleck told SFX Magazine recently.

"That was a totally different thing. The idea that this character is trying to assemble a group and get them to work together. Because Batman is a kind of internal, dark, conflicted guy. So it was challenging for him to turn outward and try to get all these people to work together," he explained.

Early reactions are yet to come in but the movie is already generating positive buzz and as a result, high box office expectations are being set.

The film hits cinemas on November 17.