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Bobby Deol might have had a small screen time in Ranbir Kapoor's Animal, but the impact he has left behind is at par with Ranbir's character. The film has received polarizing reviews. While Bobby's introductory scene has been lauded, the marital rape scene has become a hotly debated topic. Now, Lord Bobby himself has reacted to it.

Bobby on the controversial scene

Bobby Deol in an interview said that since his character was mute, it brought out something in him and in his acting. "I knew there was so much I could do with it without even speaking a word. In fact, without speaking a word gave me some kind of energy that brought something out in me," he told Bollywood Bubble.

Bobby Deol
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Bobby on playing the character

Further talking about the scene, Bobby Deol said that he had no inhibitions while doing the scene. "When I was performing, I had no inhibitions whatsoever. I was just portraying this character who's like an evil man and this is how he treats his women, this is how he is. And that's how I portrayed it," he added.

Bobby Deol also reacted to the negativity around his character and said that his character was a romantic as he had three wives and was a family oriented man, who could even take lives for his family's sake. The Housefull 4 actor added that he and Ranbir Kapoor were confused as to which character to support in the film.

Bobby Deol, Ranbir Kapoor during Animal promotions
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Bobby calls his character a romantic

"I didn't look at myself as a villain in the film because Abrar loses his grandfather in front of his eyes, who burns himself, and that shock takes away his voice. So, he swears that he'll avenge his grandfather's death, and he's a very family-oriented man. He's romantic; he has three wives and would kill for his family," he told Zoom.

Apart from Alia Bhatt, Ram Gopal Varma also heaped praise on the film. He lauded Ranbir Kapoor and Sandeep Reddy Vanga for the unconventional film. He said that he wanted to kiss Sandeep 'on the mouth' and 'lick' Ranbir Kapoor's feet. He said that their film will now give wing and strength to new breed of writers and directors who would be ready to take on new horizons.