Jurassic World
First poster of Jurassic World 2.Twitter/Jurassic World

If there is something that the franchise fans are desperate to know about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, it is trailer release date.

Thanks to the eagle-eyed franchise fans, the followers of Jurassic Park film series now has a date to look forward to watch the first official footage of the upcoming sequel.

A promotional video for the upcoming science fiction adventure movie could be released any time between 5th to 7th December, according to a fan site called Jurassic Outpost.

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"The Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom trailer has some competition in early December, as the Avengers Infinity War trailer is rumoured to release December 4th. It seems unlikely that the Fallen Kingdom trailer will drop prior. So perhaps the official trailer debut date for will be near the 6th or the 7th, with the early viewing beforehand," stated the website.

The fan site also stated that the Mexican branch of Universal pictures is organising an online contest for the franchise fans through the official Jurassic World Facebook page.

The contest winners could get a chance to watch the Fallen Kingdom trailer early and the last date to enter for it is December 1. So, the official footage for Jurassic World 2 may not be released in the first week of December.

However, Jurassic fans across the globe cannot participate in the contest. The participant must live in Mexico and the person will have to rapidly answer 10 Jurassic Park related questions.

"At this point, it is unclear how winners will view the trailer and if travel is involved – however, there will be 150 lucky Jurassic fans. While there is no evidence of similar contests in the US, UK, or other territories, we suspect they will see similar announcements soon. We've reached to Universal to find out if other countries will have a chance to enter, but have not received a reply as of running the article," stated Jurassic Outpost.

The fans site also added that the contest winners will get a chance to enjoy Jurassic experience and a trailer of Fallen Kingdom could be a part of the experience.