The first teaser trailer of Jurassic World 2, titled Fallen Kingdom, could be released in November and the franchise fans are looking forward to see their favourite characters, Blue and Rexy, in action.

Universal Pictures and the creative team behind the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel are tight-lipped about the screening of film's first official footage. But the production company has apparently alerted the license partners and retailers about it.

A fan site called Jurassic Outpost claimed that the marketing campaign for the science fiction adventure film will begin sometime around Thanksgiving, which will be celebrated on November 23.

Jurassic World 2 LEAKED trailer details tease darker, scarier plot

"Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom trailer will hit the net sometime around Thanksgiving, this November. We're not sure of the exact date, but Universal has put out the word to retail and license partners that the marketing campaign, including the trailer, will formally begin then. This marketing schedule aligns with that put into action for 2015's Jurassic World, with the first trailer hitting November 25th, 2014," stated the website.

Jurassic World
Jurassic World 2 creator Colin Trevorrow has hinted at deeper and richer story.Facebook/Jurassic World

The new update about the first official footage of Jurassic Park sequel has excited many of the franchise fans and they started speculating about the scenes to be featured in the video.

Here are some of the fans speculation about Jurassic World 2 and its first trailer:

"I really can't wait for the trailer, also I want to see a much darker atmosphere and tone in the trailer, sending chills down our spines," stated a dinosaur lover named Waaris Sattar.

"Regarding Fallen Kingdom trailer I would prefer if they made it similar to Star Wars Force Awakens one. It didn't reveal much about the plot, but it sparked the interest and kept the mystery around the film. I wish the movie had more thriller and horror elements as well. I assume Blue and Owen would be working together in the movie at some point and I wish there was a scene where Owen walks slowly with weapon raised through dark corridor with a few flickering lights, lights turn off for split second and when they turns on you see the hide of velociraptor with blue stripe walking behind Owen. It would have been cool way to announce Blue's return," wrote another franchise fan.

"Seeing how little we know about Fallen Kingdom, I think it's ok that we have to wait because we want to see a good trailer with good effects and plot that will hopefully lead up to a good movie/sequel. But I personally would love a teaser similar to the style of the one for TLW with the T. rex roaring right at the screen in the rain," commented an admirer of the Jurassic Park film series.