Thousands of mourners shouted anti-US slogans during the funeral of a Jordanian police officer, who went on a shooting spree inside a US-funded training facility killing two American personnel on 9 November.

The video of the funeral of Anwar Abu Zeid, shows the crowd chanting "death to America, death to Israel," while laying the Jordanian police captain to rest.

Anwar Abu Zeid, who was a trainer at the King Abdullah Training Centre near Amman went on a shooting spree on Monday (9 November) and killed five personnel.

Two Americans, a South African and two Jordanian personnel were killed by the Jordanian policeman who went on a random shooting spree, shouting "Allahu Akbar" at the US-funded training facility near Amman.

Investigators searching for clues into the shooting incident claim that the Jordanian officer sent out a message to few of the close friends saying he was soon going on a journey to "paradise or hell."

After the shooting incident, the Islamic State (Isis) terrorists, who are known for such lone-wolf attacks claimed that the Jordanian police officer carried out the attack on its behalf at the US-funded training facility in Jordan, where anti-Isis forces are being trained.