Islamic State (Isis) terrorists have praised the Jordanian police officer who went on a shooting spree on Monday in a US-funded training facility in Jordan, where anti-Isis forces are being trained. 

In the shooting incident inside the Jordan International Police Training Centre (JIPTC), two American, a South African and two Jordanian personnel were gunned down by the shooter. 

The attacker, identified by local dailies as veteran police officer Anwar Bani Abdu, was later killed by the security forces.

Abdu was the captain in the Jordanian criminal investigation department before he was assigned to the police training academy. He was married with two young children, said the reports.

Within hours of the shooting incident, several Isis supporters praised the attacker under the hashtag "killing of Americans in Amman,' #قتل_الأمريكان_في_عمان".

The supporters claimed the shooting marks the 10th anniversary of the bombings of three high-end luxury hotels in Amman. In those attacks, orchestrated by the al-Qaeda in Iraq, which later became Isis, 60 people were killed and more 115 were injured.

A Vocativ report noted that the Isis supporters on Twitter treated the incident as a cause for celebration. 

One supporter wrote on Twitter that Allah would "honour" the Jordanian police officer for killing the "soldiers of the cross". Another wrote: "A strong blow to the Jordanian tyrant and his American ally. The next will be much bitter." 

Israeli military intelligence website DEBKAfile observed in a report that the modus operandi employed by Isis in Jordan was similar to the "green-on-blue" attacks carried out in Afghanistan by Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

When an "insider" such as an Afghan policeman or soldier fires on coalition forces, it is called a "green-on-blue" attack.