Joo Ji Hoon
South Korean actor Joo Ji HoonGetty Images

MBC drama released a new teaser for their upcoming drama titled "Item" with actor Joo Ji Hoon playing the lead. It is expected to keep audiences on edge through its first season.

Item is a fantasy drama revolving around two people, a man and a woman gifted with supernatural skills that are used to uncover mysteries surrounding everyday objects, according to reports. South Korean actor Joo Ji Hoon plays the role of Kang Gon, a prosecutor with a keen sense of justice. The series is an adaptation of a hit webtoon with the same title.

The teaser has garnered much interest among audiences revealing glimpses of a church, metal grates and a blood-stained document shown in fast cuts throughout the 30-second teaser. 

The suspense quotient is heightened with Joo Ji Hoon's narration at the background saying "Unbelievable things are happening around us right now", as visuals show a derailed subway carriage with injured people holding on for dear life. The protagonist further narrates "Something ominous has begun, the incidents to come will be different from the incidents we have known". All along this narration, the teaser shows glimpses of Joo Ji Hoon being chocked, a hand with a unique bracelet, a stranger walking in a dark alley, a hooded figure in a church, and a flame that sheds light on a bloodied mouth--all setting the stage for the supernatural thriller.

The MBC drama will be Joo Ji Hoon's comeback to the small screen after a three-year hiatus. It was earlier revealed that the character played by Joo Ji Hoon in Item is one who puts everything on the line to save his niece Da In, who is dearer to him than life.

Joo Ji Hoon took a break from the small screen to focus on his film career. In the past year, he has worked in films like "Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days" and "The Spy Gone North".

Item is directed by Kim Sung Wook and written by Jung Yi Do. The drama is slated to premiere in the first half of 2019.