"Less Than Evil" Poster
MBC Drama "Less Than Evil" poster revealing the main charactersOfficial MBC Drama Twitter

"Less Than Evil" is the Korean adaptation of BBC drama titled "Luther". The Producing Director of the drama Kim Dae Jin shares his views on the Korean adaptation of the original.  The drama deals with the collaboration between a dedicated detective and a psychopath.

The new poster reveals a black and white collage of the cast as well as images of the cases to look out for. Lee Seol who plays the character of the genius psychopath is seen dressed in a stylish coat in red along with the title of the series which places them apart from the black and white poster.

The poster also dwells into the peering gaze of Shin Ha Kyun depicting the fierce nature of a detective treading the thin lines of law. The poster also shows Park Ho San, Kim Gun Woo, Yang Gi Won and B1A4's Baro in the background.

According to Kim Dae Jin, "The viewers should avoid comparison to the original drama. I want people to watch "Less Than Evil" with an open mind. Though the roots began with "Luther", the staff and the actors are making the Korean adaptation in a way that it branches and reaches out to all the viewers".    

Kim Dae Jin also added that he chose to remake "Luther" as "the character and the story are charming. In the original, the main character Luther is not a simple hero but one that thinks about real problems and one that you sometimes feel sad for. Alice is the psychopath female and the exchange between the two main characters makes the story interesting". 

He further added that "in the remake the story was made according to the Korean emotions and mindset making it more relevant to the audience".

The first episode of the drama has been rated for viewers aged 19 and over as the episode reveals the various characters making the drama more intense. The new MBC Drama "Less Than Evil" is slated to air its first episode on December 3 at 10 pm KST