Celebrity breakups of 2016
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp divorced in August after 15 months of marriage, following weeks of highly publicized claims of domestic violence by Heard and counterclaims of financial blackmailing by Depp.Reuters

If you thought that we've walked past stories involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, then you'll be disappointed. The Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald actor has accused his ex-wife of pooping in their bed.

According to The Mirror, the incident took place in April 2016. The Aquaman actress apparently pooped on their marital bed as a revenge because Depp was late for her 30th birthday bash. The publication reports that it was a fight over the pooping incident which led to the infamous phone throwing incident.

A source close to the 55-year-old star said he thinks there is "strong, photographic evidence that connected Amber to the faeces." But the situation was left as a prank. However, the actress's representative shares that it wasn't her but their dog that had pooped on the bed.

"Boo has some serious bowel control issues. There was never a joke, it wasn't something done to be disrespectful. It was an innocent thing, it's what pets will do. We don't have anything else to say. Ms Heard is moving on and we do not want to engage in this nonsense," the rep told the publication. But a housekeeper, who found the soiled sheets, says that the faeces "were too big to be from their dog."

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp
Cast member Amber Heard and her fiance, actor Johnny Depp, pose at the premiere ofReuters

The site further claims that the poop incident did not end so easily. The incident became the topic of a fight yet again in May 2016, and it led to the alleged phone-throwing incident by Johnny. The incident left Amber with facial bruises thus resulting in an investigation of possible domestic violence.

When she was filing the divorce, the 32-year-old got a temporary restraining order on the basis that Depp made "paranoid and irrational accusations about some delusional idea". Her allegations were: "He began obsessing about something untrue and his demeanour changed dramatically. He became angry."

During the divorce, Amber got the custody of the couple's Yorkies Boo and Pistol.