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Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix's Joker movie is something that every Marvel and DC Comics fans are going to talk about for years to come. The acclaimed actor gave an Oscar-worthy performance and the movie subscribes to a darker tone that was previously not expected by cinephiles. However, as per Kevin Smith, the movie had a much darker tone if the makers would have finalized the alternate ending.

Joker movie ending

The 2019 release Joker movie had one of the finest endings of all time. We see how the Gotham city has descended into chaos as the lower class citizens have finally taken to the streets to riot against the wealthy business class who have always oppressed them. After Joker kills talk show host Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro), the entire city comes on the street to rebel against the system and the society.

In the final moments, we see how one thug who wore a mask of Joker enters into an ally after following Thomas, Martha, and Bruce Wayne, and shots the latter ones leaving the young Bruce alone there.

Joker Movie Joaquin Phoenix
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The final shot of the movie brings us to a psychiatric ward of Arkham Asylum where Phoenix's Arthur Fleck is talking about all this to a psychiatrist. Afterwards, we see running down a white hallway having mostly killed the doctor he was talking with. However, as per Kevin Smith, the movie's ending went in an even darker direction and would have changed the entire comic book history.

Joker movie alternate ending

During the recent Kevin Smith's Fatman on Batman podcast, filmmaker Kevin Smith talks about an alternate ending that was never materialized.

As per the filmmaker, the final scene still happens in the mental hospital, but instead of killing the doctor, Arthur Fleck laughs to himself after talking about Gotham City. The doctor would have asked him why he was laughing, to this Fleck would have said something like: "I was thinking of something funny."

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Cut to — we go to the flashback scene in the alley where Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered but this time it was Joker himself who shot them dead. Not only this, as he turns down and sees Bruce Wayne staying there crying over the dead bodies of his parents, Arthur Fleck turns back and shoots Bruce Wayne right in the chest.

Well, if this was the alternate ending then it would have surely changed the comic book history because, in this timeline, there would be no Bruce Wayne that means no more Batman.