Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah's recent address in the Lok Sabha underscored the significance of the Jammu and Kashmir Reservation (Amendment) Bill, 2023, and the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill, 2023, as instruments of justice and empowerment for those sidelined for seven decades.

In his impassioned speech, Shah emphasized the constitutional essence of bringing forward the deprived sections of society. He stressed the need for this upliftment to be respectful, highlighting the nuanced difference between merely granting rights and doing so with dignity. Renaming the category from a perceived "weak and deprived" to "Other Backward Class (OBC)" was underscored as crucial in preserving the dignity of these individuals.

Addressing critics who dismissed the change as a mere alteration of nomenclature, Shah urged them to recognize the profound impact of attaching respect to a name. He argued that this transformation is perceptible to those genuinely committed to uplifting these sections as equals, akin to treating them like brothers.

Taking a swipe at the opposition, Shah criticized the exploitation of such initiatives for political gain, contrasting it with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rise from humble beginnings to the country's leadership. This, he argued, reflects a leader who intimately understands the struggles of the impoverished.

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 Amit Shah

Responding to queries about the displaced, Shah highlighted the transformative potential of granting them reservation. By ensuring their representation in Kashmir's assembly, the marginalized voices would serve as a deterrent against future injustices.

Shah shed light on the dark era of terrorism in the 1980s, condemning the indifference towards those forcibly displaced from their homeland. He criticized previous administrations, accusing them of neglecting the very individuals they should have protected.

The plight of Kashmiri Pandits, forced to live as refugees in their own country, was a poignant focus. Shah revealed staggering statistics—46,631 families and 1,57,968 people displaced. The Bills, he asserted, are a concerted effort to restore their rights and provide them with due representation.

In conclusion, Amit Shah's impassioned defense of the legislative measures reflects a commitment to rectifying historical injustices and ushering in a new era of equitable representation and empowerment in Jammu and Kashmir. The Bills, he declared, are not mere legal texts; they are instruments of social transformation and justice.