On the eve of Eid-ul-Azha, the Jammu and Kashmir Police on Tuesday give a "memorable gift" to fourteen fortunate families of South Kashmir by saving lives of their innocent children, who were lured by some Over Ground Workers (OGWs) to terror ranks.

Youths, between the age group of 18 to 22 years, were saved from the Anantnag district of South Kashmir through counseling and involvement of their parents.

SSP Anantnag
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Active terrorists lured them to join terror groups

According to official spokesman, police have foiled nefarious designs of active terrorists to misguide the youth and entice them to join terror ranks by saving 14 youth from joining terror groups.

The boys, in the age group of 18-22 years, were in touch with various local terrorists and being lured by terrorists operating from Pakistan through social media to get innocent youth recruited in terror outfits. After proper counseling, all of them were handed over to their parents in District Police Lines Anantnag.

On this occasion, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Anantnag, Imtiyaz Hussain advised the parents to remain aware of the activities of their children and ensure "bad elements" do not get the chance to influence the young minds.

Cops counseling misguided juvelines, their parents during a session in Central Kashmir's Budgam district.
Cops counseling misguided juvelines, their parents during a session in Central Kashmir's Budgam district.social media

Police organized counseling sessions

Many counseling sessions by police officers for the past many days were held with these vulnerable youth belonging to various areas of the Anantnag district. It was a result of these counseling sessions that the lives of these youth were saved by the police with the help of their parents.

SSP Anantnag appealed to people to cooperate with police to save innocent youth from the menace of drug addiction and terrorism. During the counseling, family members of the youth were advised to take proper care of their wards and keep a watch on their activities. 'Saved' youths were also advised to focus on their studies and professional work and utilize their energy in a positive direction.

Earlier six juveniles were saved in Budgam district

In April, Police in Central Kashmir's Budgam district had saved the lives of six juveniles, who were lured by some radical elements to join terror groups. Some anti-national elements were poisoning some gullible juveniles by exploiting their sentiments. These elements were instigating these teenagers to create law and order problems in their respective areas.

After getting information about nefarious designs of anti-national elements, cops immediately summoned these juveniles for necessary questioning and later handed them over to their families.