After 120-year-old Dholi Devi of remotest Dudu area of Udhampur district volunteered herself for vaccination to inspire others, now it was the turn of 118-year-old Sher Mohammad of the most backward Mahore tehsil of Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir, who took the jab to counter the 'misinformation' about the inoculation.

"If I can take vaccination why others are hesitating?", the super-centenarian asked after he was immunized by a mobile team of the health department at his residence. "After getting the COVID-19 jab, I feel more confident and protected as the vaccine is the biggest shield against the deadly disease," he said.

Sher Mohammad appealed to the people of the district to come forward and get vaccinated against the infection. He said the vaccine has been advised by top doctors and experts and urged no one should pay any heed to such rumour.

Sher Mohammad
118-year-old Sher Mohammad taking a jabsocial media

Inhabitants of hilly areas still hesitant to take a jab

Unlike mainstream towns of Jammu and Kashmir, inhabitants of hilly areas are still hesitant in taking the jab due to a misinformation campaign launched by some elements. To achieve the target of 100 percent vaccination, authorities have involved religious leaders to convince the people to take a jab to defeat the deadly virus. 

120-year-old Dholi Devi who has taken a jabsocial media

Panchayat members roped in to accelerate the vaccination campaign

Authorities have devised a strategy to involve Panchayat members to ensure maximum vaccination in their respective areas. While launching a door-to-door vaccination drive, officials of the health department have been directed to take Panchayat members with them to convince the villages. In many Panchayats, the elected members have already started an awareness campaign on their own to ensure 100 percent vaccination in their respective Panchayats.

Elders taking lead in the fight against the deadly virus

In the ongoing fight against the deadly Coronavirus, elders are taking the lead so setting examples for others. First, it was 90-year-old Thakri Devi of Kashira Panchayat of Udhampur who had taken a jab on May 2 after defeating Coronavirus during the first wave. She was followed by 120-year-old, Dholi Devi of the Dudu area of the same district.

Furthermore, 96-year-old Badrinath Sharma of border village Gardwal of Samba district has set an inspiration for demoralized people by successfully beating the deadly virus through his willpower and positivity.