Jitendra Joshi has a separate emotion for those who completely fell in love with the first season of Netflix's Sacred Games. He played the role of Katekar, who was a loyal friend and a partner of Sartaj (Saif Ali Khan). When International Business Times, India, began the conversation with Jitendra Joshi for his upcoming Netflix series Betaal, it was quite difficult to keep Katekar out of our mind. 


You know I was so hurt when your character died in Sacred Games. It was disheartening to know that you won't be there in the second season. 

Thank you so much, Samarpita ji. Nice to know that you loved Katekar so much, but in Betaal, you will wait for my character to die. 

The trailer talks about development and civilisation. What is your idea of civilisation?

What civilisation should be.. umm (long pause) civilisation should be where man is friends with nature. When man and nature learn to co-exist. In ancient times we would communicate with trees, we should have that connection with mother Earth. When man, trees, animals, learn to respect each other, nourish each other and co-exist with harmony, that is my idea of civilisation.

Recently, the film Ghost Stories has come with mixed reviews. Do you fear that Betaal might share the same fate?

See this is a series, people have choices that may differ from one another. I'm aware that some people may love Betaal, others may not love Betaal, and it's not just with our work. Even Sholay, I know people who don't like the film. There are even films and series which I don't like but my daughter adores them. You must make your work with sincerity, effort and hard work. No one has found the formula yet, films, web-series might affect people differently. See, just before talking to you, I spoke to four other journalists, but you are the only one who cared to ask these questions, which means you must have observed something differently.

When we read about ghost stories, or watch horror films we always feel that someone is following us? Did you feel that?

Oh! No... actually, after doing Betaal, I felt good roles are now following me, they are trying to haunt me. (Laughs)

Do you think Netflix has given more opportunities to fledgling actors?

Of course. You are a Bengali right? A few years ago, I had given my interview to a Bengali magazine, they didn't know me, but now see, you have scheduled an appointment to interact with me, it is because of the reach that Netflix has given out, isn't it?

Here the police are fighting against supernatural creatures. What kind of training did you go through to prepare for your character? 

For me, this character is an uneducated but entitled man, who has power in his hands. He is shrewd and would stoop to any level to achieve what he wants. So I had to bring out these basic characters. We had a workshop, and there while working with my co-actors, directors, it helped me understand my character, his story. Now, talking about fighting with supernatural characters, see, we are fighting humans aren't we?