Jet Airways
In July 2017, Jet Airways had asked its junior pilots, who joined the brand in 2016, to take a 30 percent pay cut or leaveReuters

The incident took place on Jet Airways flight 9W 472 after a passenger seated next to Poddar, 21, a resident of Kolkata, became suspicious of his behaviour and informed the cabin crew. He was sending WhatsApp messages to his friends while covering his face with a handkerchief.

The cabin crew informed the pilot about the matter and the pilot immediately contacted the airline security. The flight was directed to postpone the journey and Poddar was taken into custody by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), The Times of India reported.

A senior airport security official said that "after taking his seat, he covered his face with a handkerchief and started sending WhatsApp messages from his phone. A co-passenger sitting next to Poddar got suspicious given his behaviour of covering the face and read the message Poddar was keying in on his phone. One of them read 'Terrorist on the flight. I destroy women's hearts'."

Poddar's baggage was re-examined by the officials. "The baggage did not have anything suspicious. Poddar said he was joking with his friends. He was handed over to the Kolkata police," the official added.