Jessica Jung
Jessica JungInstagram/Jessica Jung

Former "Girls' Generation" singer Jessica Jung is celebrating her 26th birthday (according to American Calender) on 18 April, Saturday. She is an obsession with many K-pop fans, and has always been very open about reciprocating their love for her.

In the weekend prior to her actual birthday, Jung invited a large group of her fans to attend an advanced birthday party with her in Seoul. Jung, who turned 27 according to Korean age calculation, spent a lot of time interacting with her fans and gifting them with a deluxe gift package, reports kpopstarz.

The special surprise gift amid sparkling water, mouth-watering snacks and a light stick shaped like Jung, was a customised polaroid selfie of the singing sensation. She herself spent a lot of time writing personalised messages on the 700 unique polaroids before gifting into the fans.

The fans who were touched by the love and effort she put into giving them gifts, now more than ever, want to see her happy. One way to ensure that, is to marry the one you love and in Jung's case, it is rumoured to be Coridel Group CEO Tyler Kwon.

When Jung left "Girls' Generation", managed by SM Entertainment  to focus on her her own fashion brand, Black and Eclare, many reports suggested that her "fiancé" Kwon may have played a role in it.

However Jung, who is ranked as the 6th most successful business owner in South Korea as of 2015 by the tvN Ranking, denied the rumours saying: "It's not true...I don't have plans of marriage as of right now... However, like how all women dream of marriage, I think I will also marry someday," reports Hollywood Take.

Even Kwon vehemently denied a marriage proposal being the reason for Jung to move on. "Sigh, I guess we'll have to try this yet again: I have no plans of marriage anytime soon, whether it be this year... If that wasn't clear enough, let me know. I'll just keep trying...[汗]," he wrote on Weibo.