Will EXO members Tao terminate his contract with SM Entertainment.Facebook/Tao

Putting an end to all speculations, EXO member Tao revealed he has no plans to terminate his contract with South Korean record label SM Entertainment.

"Yes I won't, just believe in me," the celeb wrote on Instagram in response to one of his fans' query - "I don't [know] if you will see this [but] I really need to say this. You [will] not leave right? Just tell me [you] won't. [Please] I'm begging you. You promised right?? Don't break that promise. I will believe in you so do the best thing. I love you [sic]."

The screenshot of the conversation started trending on various social networking sites, according to Soompi.

Earlier, the entertainment company denied the news about EXO member Tao's decision to nullify the contract with the company and stated that it is a "groundless rumour".

Ever since Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan left K-Pop boy band, speculations were being made on the other two Chinese members in the group. Recently, an online video platform named iQiyi reported that Tao had decided to nullify his contract with the record label.

"While SM Entertainment stated during a recent variety program that EXO's Chinese member Tao is briefly resting due to an injury, it has been confirmed that Tao has expressed his desire to cancel his contract with SM," stated the company

The news immediately captured the attention of several media outlets and started trending on Chinese social networking site Weibo. While the celeb became the most searched term on the platform, media personalities tried to reach out to the company and Tao.

Chinese online media company Sina was the first one to get in touch with the representatives of SM Entertainment and said that the company is not sure about his decision. Later, the comment was deleted from the article.

After a while, the record label released a short statement through Star News denying the speculations about the celeb's departure. "The reports from the Chinese media about EXO's Tao terminating his contract are absolutely false, groundless rumors," Koreaboo quoted the agency.

However, the celeb and his representatives are tightlipped over the issue and it remains to be seen whether he will join the former EXO members or not. 

The celeb is currently doing a number of Chinese projects, including "With You Down The Road", "Ding Ge Long Dong Qiang", and "He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo". Meanwhile, he is also said to be close with Chinese celebrity Huang Xiaoming.

Last month, there was a buzz that the boy band member would be joining Huayi Brothers, but the speculations were denied by the company. "So it is possible for false news to sell like this. It seems like someone has an ulterior motive. We're just quietly filming movies here," the firm said, according to Soompi.

Earlier, Tao had revealed that he sustained injuries during the team's "EXO'luXion" concert in Seoul. "I'm okay. I went home to see my mom and dad and to get some rest for my leg injury," he said. So fans can expect the celeb to join the K-Pop boy band in near future.