Lee Hongki and Shinozaki Ai
Lee Hongki and Shinozaki AiInstagram/Lee Hongki , Creative Commons/ Ai Shinozaki

Rumour mills have been churning out stories about the so-called romance between FT ISLAND's Lee Hongki and Japanese model Ai Shinozaki. Some netizens even talked about spotting the duo together. However, this invasion into his personal space does not seem to be going well with Hongki.

Starting 10 April, reports started surfacing that the rumoured couple have been dating for around six months. To support it, many fans posted on the Internet that they had seen Lee Hongki and Sinozaki Ai at many locations, both in Japan and Korea.

However, not all fans were happy with Hongki's choice date and posted unflattering comments online. Responding to a seemingly upset fan, Hongki said: "blab la bla.. You don't seem to know me too well huh??? blab la bla.. I have said time and time again not to like me as a guy and if this situation is not appealing to you, get lost blab la bla."

The fan has since de-activated his account, but Hongki's rude remarks have irked netizens in general. Many comments like, "So he's basically saying if you don't like it get lost bitch.."; "He lives off popularity, yet he speaks that way", started popping up in response to the Five Treasure Island signer's comment.

Meanwhile, FNC Entertainment, the label to which FT Island is signed on, has denied rumours of dating and has claimed that Lee Hongki and Sinozaki Ai are merely close friends.

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