Lee Min Ho Suzy Bae
Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae confirmed their relationship in March 2015.Instagram/Lee Min Ho, Suzy Bae

Members of miss A, Wang Feifei and Lee Min-young, recently talked about their teammate Suzy Bae's relationship with Lee Min Ho and the impact of it on the Korean-Chinese K-pop girl group.

While participating in a radio show, titled "Kim Chang Ryul's Old School", by SBS Power FM, the young celebs revealed that they were surprised to hear the dating news of their group member.

"We had no idea they were dating. We were so surprised, but she's the right age to date and we hope she has a beautiful relationship," they said.

Fee and Min also stated that they are not really concerned about the negative impact of Min Ho and Bae's relationship on their new album "Colors", according to Soompi.

Meanwhile, advertisement agent Yoon Seol Hee said that the dating news has not affected any business related to the couple.

"People don't really care about scandals. They support the artists instead and are very optimistic about it. Even the stars don't deny it and are honest about it," he told Drama Fever.

There are also reports that "Gangnam Blues" Star's ladylove dropped an opportunity to appear on big screens because of her dedication towards the group.

"Suzy has decided not take a role on the movie 'Kitty' because of schedule conflicts. Miss A just recently released their album, so she declined her role to focus on her singing activities," stated JYP Entertainment agency.

"Colors" was released on 30 March and is currently ranked second in the Korean music chart and fourth in Billboard chart of world album sales.