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Jennifer Aniston talked about the time when she met Angelina Jolie before her high profile split with her first husband Brad Pitt.

Over the years, Jennifer Aniston remained tight-lipped when it came to Angelina Jolie. But she has revealed the time when she met Angelina for the first time in the car park where she shot for Friends. While speaking to Vanity Fair via Marie Claire, the Murder Mystery movie actress stated that when she saw Angelina, she pulled over and introduced herself and stated that Brad is really excited about working with her in the action-comedy movie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

"I said, 'Brad is so excited about working with you. I hope you guys have a really good time.'"

In addition to this, Jennifer reportedly recalled that after Brad met Angelina, "he was gone." This truly is heartbreaking for all Jennifer Aniston's fans.

Jennifer Aniston is famous for playing Rachel Green in award-winning sitcom Friends. The actress met Brad in 1998 and as earlier reported, their high profile romance caught a lot of media attention.

Fans were amazed after they got to see Brad appearing in one of the Friends' episodes playing the role of Rachel's archenemy. It was indeed a fun episode.

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Left to Right: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and Brad Pitt with first wife Jennifer Aniston.Getty Images

Brad Pitt and Jennifer got married in a lavish Malibu wedding in 2000. Their well-wishers thought that this marriage is going to last a lifetime but little did everyone know, their romance went south and in 2005, they finalized their divorce.

Jennifer Aniston's fans speculated that the reason behind Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston divorce is the former's closeness with his Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star Angelina Jolie, with whom he later got into a serious relationship that lasted more than a decade.

During her interview with Vanity Fair, Jennifer Aniston also revealed the positive side of divorcing Brad Pitt.

As per 50-years-old Jennifer, her divorce with Brad prompts her to reach out to her estranged mother, Nancy.

Following her divorce with Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston focused on her work and even took care of her health.

The divorce was painful but she had support from all the ends. Soon after parting ways with Brad, Jennifer acted in some highly acclaimed movies which gave her career a boost. In addition to this, she started dating writer-director Justin Theroux, to whom she later got married.