Jennifer Aniston topless for a magazine photoshoot
Jennifer Aniston went topless for a photoshootHarper's BAZAAR(@harpersbazaarus/Instagram)

Jennifer Aniston has ended her second marriage in 2017 and is busy working on several big projects. Brad Pitt's former wife is currently single and enjoying all the perks of being a single woman in the entertainment industry.

FRIENDS TV series alum Jennifer Aniston recently appeared on the talk show, The Talk, to about her latest action comedy movie Murder Mystery — currently streaming on Netflix. During her conversation with the rest of the ladies, she talked about her "huge crush" and even teased everyone about her upcoming series on Apple's new streaming service, Apple TV+.

As per Jennifer Aniston, she had a huge crush on Forty Years Old Virgin movie star, Steve Carell. Jennifer called Steve a silver fox and even stated that he is better with the age.

"He's like a silver fox now," Aniston added. "And he just came in and no one expected, you know ... everybody was so cute, and he's so shy and fantastic. He's just better with age, it's amazing."

The highly-anticipated TV series, The Morning Show, has been described as an inside look at the lives of several different people who help the United States wake up in the morning. The show will further explore the unique challenges faced by women and men alike who carry out these daily television acts. Apart from Steve Carell and Jennifer Aniston, the upcoming Apple TV+ show will also feature Reese Witherspoon and Gugu Raw.

In Reese Witherspoon's own words, with their new show, they are going to "pull back the curtain on the power dynamics between men and women in the high stakes world of morning news shows. It's seen through the eyes of two ambitious female characters."

The Office alum Steve Carell has also stated in the past that all the viewers are going to love his character, Mitch Kessler — Jennifer's character's husband. As per Steve, Mitch is bold and dynamic and is relatable to almost everyone.

Meanwhile, after ending her marriage with Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston has remained single. There were several absurd claims in the past that she has reunited with Brad Pitt. Despite all the bogus claims, it was confirmed that Jennifer and Brad are not dating. In addition to this, they don't have any plans to reunite again in the future.