Jennifer Aniston
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It looks like Jennifer Aniston is following the steps of Martin Scorsese, who recently took dig at Marvel movies. The acclaimed actress recently talked about Marvel movies and stated that she is not interested in working in front of a green screen — the chroma screen where most of the recent movies are being shot at.

In a recent interview with Variety, Jennifer Aniston discussed in length about the change in the moviemaking after the rise of superhero movies. The former FRIENDS starlet clearly showed her disdain towards the superheat Marvel movies.

"You're seeing what's available out there and it's just diminishing and diminishing in terms of it's big Marvel movies or things that I'm not just asked to do, or really that interested in living in a green screen."

After making a name for herself, Jennifer Aniston went on to star in several high-budget movies like Horrible Bosses, We're the Millers, Rumor Has It, and others. These light-hearted movies required little to no computer-generated graphics and this is what Jennifer herself preferred.

In addition to this, she praised the rise of the OTT platforms. Jennifer recently starred in Netflix's original movie, Murder Mystery alongside Adam Sandler. There are reports that Netflix may plan a sequel to this comedy movie. In addition to this, she is coming back on the television screen with her latest TV show, The Morning Show, that will air on Apple TV+.

"It wasn't until the last couple of years when these streaming services were just sort of exploding with this amount of quality that I actually started to think, 'Wow, that's better than what I just did," Jennifer stated.

That being said, several fans did not appreciate Jennifer Aniston's remark on Marvel movies. Several fans., including Perez Hilton, stated that the reason why everyone is taking a dig at Marvel movies is that they were not asked to star in one of them.

As stated above, Jennifer Aniston is not the latest entertainer from Hollywood who has said a thing or two about the Marvel movies. As we reported earlier, The Irishman movie director Martin Scorsese recently stated that in his opinion, Marvel movies are "not cinema."

"It isn't the cinema of human beings trying to convey emotional, psychological experiences to another human being."