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Ramesh Pisharody began his career as a mimicry artiste, and his unique and impressive performances have now made him the busiest comedian, host and actor in Malayalam entertainment industry. In his latest interview with RJ Mathukutty, Pisharody has opened up a lot on his personal and professional life, and his counter dialogues and one-liners make the whole episode of Talktime with Mathukutty an interesting one.

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Once, Ramesh Pisharody "wanted to kill" Kunchacko Boban

During the interview, Pisharody, who starred with Kunchacko Boban in family entertainer Ramante Edanthottam, admitted that there was a time when he "wanted to kill" the Aniyathipravu actor as he was jealous of the actor's popularity following the Fazil directorial.

"In 1997, if I was given a gun and asked to kill someone, I would have straightly gone to Kunchacko Boban. He was such a troublemaker. His photos were seen on the autograph book of one of my classmates, and I didn't even write any farewell note for her just because I was jealous of him. I couldn't accept it at all then [translated from Malayalam]," Pisharody is heard saying in the video.

2,500 messages, bragging?

Were you confused on why trolls surfaced online connecting Ramesh with 2,500 WhatsApp messages or 2,500 good morning messages? It is all because of a statement he made during the interview.

The Badai Banglavu host said that he stopped using WhatsApp as he used to get over 2,500 good morning messages every morning. "People used to add me in different groups, and if I leave those groups, they will start complaining. How can anyone read 2,500 good morning messages and respond to them? Also, people will be discussing various topics, which do not actually bother us. I stopped using WhatsApp after I realised that it was just a waste of time," Pisharody added.

"2,500 messages, seriously, Ramesh Pisharody, now we will call you the biggest bragger in Malayalam [sic]," comments a netizen.

Ramesh Pisharody, Ramesh Pisharody interview, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Bluff masters
Ramesh Pisharody and Dharmajan Bolgatty.Ramesh Pisharody/Facebook

Fights with Dharmajan

When Mathukutty asked if Ramesh ever had any fight with colleague Dharmajan Bolgatty, he said: "No, we haven't yet in the last 15 years. Sometimes, he will go missing, and I might have shouted at him for that. That's all."

Watch the full video of the interview here: