Jaya Bachchan, Arnab Goswami

The rape and murder case of Hyderabad's veterinarian has left the entire nation boiling in anger. From film celebrities, businessmen, political figures to the common people; the gruesome crime has left everyone fearing for the safety of the women in the country. From demanding harshest of punishments to making stringent changes against such culprits in the legal system; there is no end to the arguments and discussions over how it can all be stopped.

In a passionate speech in the Rajya Sabha, Jaya Bachchan had said on Monday, "I know it's a little harsh. But, I think these people need to be shamed in front of the entire country. People who have not done their jobs properly. These kinds of people (the accused) should be brought out in public and lynched."

Following the statement, Arnab Goswami lashed out at the veteran actress and has called her speech 'over-dramatic' and 'hyper-dramatic'. While discussing the matter in his newsroom, Arnab said, "The problem with politicians is that they will give emotional speeches. They will do nothing to follow up. Sorry, Jaya Bachchan, you don't convince me. You are using the opportunity to make an emotional speech and you go back and do nothing tomorrow...Don't be hyper-dramatic Jaya Bachchan ji."

"Jaya Bachchan you didn't convince me because you were being overdramatic. Stop the drama and start the campaign tomorrow 'Death for rapists.' Then we will support you," he added. 

Arnab kept referring to Jaya Bachchan's statement and said, "Jaya Bachchan says castrate them, lynch them."

Netizens' reaction to Jaya's statement

While many resonated with Jaya Bachchan's opinion and felt that this was the method the country needs to implement to stop rapes, many people criticised her for her illogical statements.

"These MPs are the problem! With lawmakers like #JayaBachchan, instead of improving the implementation of the law, asking for scientific investigations &special courts & fast trials she wants people to be lynched. Absolutely bizarre! This will actually make he law &order worse (sic)," wrote Tehseen Poonawalla.

"Tho I'm strongly against any kind of lynching, it's hard not to empathise with Jaya ji's anger. Thr's universal revulsion & outrage abt the yng #Hyderabad lady's rapist-killers. The real solution: police/prosecutorial/judicial reforms. Swift, certain justice is the best deterrent (sic)," wrote Baijayant Jay Panda.