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As India's most loved adventure reality show – Khatron Ke Khiladi – comes back to the country this time with the India edition, makers decided to call in some of the most popular and loved contestants from the previous season. International Business Times, India, got in touch with Jay Bhanushali, who would again be making a comeback on the show.

Are you excited, scared, nervous about going into the show when this pandemic has put almost everything on halt?

After sitting at home for four months obviously, I am excited to go back and shoot. I am the kind of person who is very hyper, who likes to be occupied with work, be busy and be on shoots. In these few months, I have realised that the biggest luxury in life is not money or brand deals, it's about being busy in life and getting an opportunity to do something, which you love the most. For me, that love and passion are being on screen and shooting. I was excited and equally scared and nervous for my family as I am the one stepping out, I need to be extra cautious not to bring any virus back home. All in all, it is a mix of emotions.

Was Mahhi in favour of you joining the show at this juncture?

Yes, Mahhi was always supportive. It's difficult to sit at home and not do anything for four months because your bills, daily routine, shopping don't stop. Mahhi and I decided to take a call that one person has to be at home and the other person has to go out and start working so that we can at least run the house.

Jay Bhanushali
Jay BhanushaliPR

Would you be staying with the team at the location or would there be a lot of back and forth from location to home?

No, I am not going to be staying with my team at any location. Earlier the schedule was non-stop shoot till the 3rd of August but for some reason, it has been postponed. Suddenly, there are a lot of breaks, after 2 episodes we have a 1-week break. Thankfully the government has allowed everyone to get tested for COVID, and that is what I am doing right now. Instead of staying alone for a week, I got myself tested, once the reports came negative I shifted back to my home. When the shoots resume, I might shift back to my other house.

Who do you think could give you tough competition this time?

That's something very difficult to answer. KKK is not just about physical and mental fitness a lot also depends upon luck. Some stunts have been designed in such a way that luck has to favor that person a lot. Past seasons have taught us that predictions don't usually convert into a person winning the show.

Height, depth, insects; what creeps you out the most?

Nothing creeps me out. I am not a person who gets scared of anything. My only weakness/disadvantage I would say is although I am not scared of water, I am not a great swimmer. Also, I believe the insects in foreign countries seem to be much more well behaved and respectful towards us but I can't say the same for Indian insects. As the show is happening for the first time in India I am guessing the insects in India will be deadly as compared to the insects abroad (jokes Jay).

Were you able to get over your fears last time?

Yes, the show helped me overcome my fears but I never had any real fears. KKK is a show that pushes you to your limits and makes you try things that you haven't ever done in your real life.

What's your mindset like, motivation behind entering the show for the second time?

This time the motivation is to complete the whole journey as the last time I had to leave the show mid-way due to my injury. Very few people get a second chance and very few times does a show like KKK invite past participants to re-participate in the show. I am glad something like this has happened and I have been given a chance to be a part of it.

You offered a great dose of humour and fun the last time you were there on the show. Who do you think would resonate with your level of humour among the line up of contestants this time?

There are several funny actors on the show who have great comic timings. This season they have 4 anchors on the show - Rithvik, Karan Wahi, Harsh, and me. We've just shot for two episodes and everybody is trying to bring something or the other to the show. As a viewer when I see participants go through difficult stunts, crying, shouting, etc I find it very funny - that's the fun bit of the show.