Faisal Khan
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The young boy who made the nation dance to his beats and is one of the most loved actors on the television screens today, Faisal Khan, doesn't need any introduction. IBTimes India, got in touch with Faisal to talk about financial struggles, lockdown and more.

You have been facing the spotlight ever since you were a little kid. The nation adored you. What does gaining such spotlight do to a young boy's mind frame? Did it put you under pressure or did you enjoy it?

Since a very young age I have been under the spotlight and got to see the life of several artists but I don't ever remember feeling pressured. It's been a great period and a great journey as life suddenly changed for the better, people started recognizing me, knowing me and respecting me even more now. I've enjoyed every moment of it.

How have you been spending this lockdown period?

It feels like we have all gotten used to the lockdown and it is going to be a part of our life for a couple of more months. Initially, the lockdown period was pretty boring for me but after some time, it got interesting probably because I got accustomed to it. I've watched a lot of films and series during this period, I have also downloaded a few games on my phone which keeps me occupied and I have learned a bit of cooking from my mom and sister as well. Recently I made breakfast, which was so good that everyone, including myself, was so impressed by it that it felt like an achievement. I am also enjoying the rains at home as we can't step out yet. Apart from these fun activities, I am also focusing on my dancing and reworking on making my legs more flexible. The lockdown has been going pretty well for me.

Faisal Khan
Faisal Khan

How are you dealing with the uncertainty that the industry is dealing with in terms of finances, resources, cost-cutting, etc?

It is very sad, but we all have to deal with it. Every industry is going through a tough time in terms of finance and work. There are more problems yet to come our way and we must all cooperate during these tough times. I had written a poem from an artist's point of view and had expressed my feelings there. I am an artist and I need to go out and showcase my talent, it's not like I can store it and later sell it at a shop. We are all facing a lot of problems and there is more to come. With regards to cost-cutting, I hope there is no need for it but if it does happen I think we must all be cooperative.