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National Film Awards winner, lyricist and screenwriter Javed Akhtar has been ripped apart by netizens for using words like paid trolls, retarded bigots and imbeciles for his critics.

Javed Akhtar is one of the most celebrated Indian poet, lyricist and screenwriter. He has been honoured with Padma Shri (1999), Padma Bhushan (2007), Sahitya Akademi Award and five National Film Awards.

He is considered a liberal and leftist and also an advocate of secularism in India. He expresses his views on various current affairs and the Narendra Modi-led BJP government on his Twitter account.

Some of his comments have landed in trouble with him being trolled heavily on Twitter. Time and again, Javed Akhtar has given it back to his trollers and he was at it again on Tuesday. This time, he went on to call them names like paid trolls, retarded bigots and imbeciles.

Javed Akhtar tweeted on January 29, "My friends ask me why some times I waste my time in engaging with these paid trolls and retarded bigots. I see their point but some times this desire governs me to show these imbeciles that though decent people don't react rudely to indecency but it doesn't that they can't."

This strong remark did not go down well with his naysayers, who ripped him apart in their reply. Some of them said that Javed Akhtar is also a paid troll and Congress paid him through making him Rajya Sabha MP. Hence, the Javed Akhtar is paying it back by supporting the party in its protests. Here are some of their replies to his comment.

Col Bajpai,(Veteran)‏ @abhishekshubhra

And let us not forget that you too were paid. Only that your payment was in terms of a RS seat. And you are still paying for it by defending one side of the political spectrum. So does that make you any different. Your soul is as much sold as others!!!!!

Vimal yogi tiwari‏ @yogivimal

dear #JavedAkhtar, U do not waste your time, you relish to respond in your poetically macabre way; u should not live in the illusion that you are some 'great' guyu r just known a Shabana's hubby and an accidental citizen of India; a typical mulla, masquerading as a poetaster

Vedic Kausik‏ @VedicKausik

You are great @Javed Sir. We are really impressed by heights of decency and respect for others in each and every words you have spelled here. The real problem is pseudo-seculars people like you are not habitual in facing hard/logical responses from naive Hindus.

Jaya‏ @Jaya67850355

Abuse the person who expose your hypocrisy, then again abuse  and brand everyone  who points out  your  hypocrisy as Paid Troll . Abuse even more by calling names . Then declare that person doesn't exists for him. Finally play the Victim Card.

Anurag Kumar‏ @LeadsAnurag

Your friends find you stupid to engage with these paid trolls and retarded bigots, if you see their point and your desire to show us imbeciles that you are a tough and decent human being is actually a joke.. You are a butthurt budao, you are the definition of "troll" miya..  Also, calling people "Retarded" and "Imbeciles" shows how decent you are.. Such a violent outbreak at this age could be dangerou for your health miya.. love your work, but all you doing now is pissing over it!

Mamta Nigam‏ @mamtan14

We thank @Twitter for exposing Abusive Morons & Bigots like you. Pretty sure many who admired you are happy the mask has fallen and can now just walk away. You hv been so undignified that no explation will work now ! Bahut Falooda karwa diya apna !

Shkhari Shmbu‏ @ksk_sudha

So you agree that you have acted rudely and indecently today. I agree that it comes naturally to you, Sir Ji.

Bharatt Desai‏ @Bharattdesai

A RajyaSabha MP nominee  CONg(I) is also a paid troll of out on bail & Anti Hindustan FakeGandhi's. Cc: @ShefVaidya @RavinarIN