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Warner Bros. and DC Extended Universe's Aquaman has officially become the highest grossing DC movie of all time. With the enormous success of Jason Momoa's superhero movie, it looks like fans will get to see a spin-off movie of Aquaman that will feature Trench very soon.

Earlier this month, Aquaman hit a billion-dollar mark and now Warner Bros. wants to explore the territory further. As of now, there are several speculations about Aquaman 2 but no concrete update has been revealed thus far. But it looks like Jason Momoa's movie is going to have a spin-off of its own.

As per a report by The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has reportedly hired Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald to write a horror script featuring Trench from the Aquaman movie.

In the Aquaman movie world, The Trench is an ocean-dwelling race of evil creatures that take on Aquaman. As per the comics, they first appeared in Aquaman vol. 7 #1 in 2011 and can be seen attacking towns and killing, eating, and destroying many of the inhabitants.

In Jason Momoa-starrer, Trench is one of the known tribes of Atlantis. Later in the movie, on their quest to find the lost Trident of Atlanta, Mera and Aquaman are attacked by a legion of amphibious monsters. In the final scenes, Aquaman is seen commanding the Trench along with Karathen and other marine animals in the battle against Orm and his followers.

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Soon after the reports surfaced that Warner Bros. is interested in Trench movie, Aquaman movie director James Wan revealed in a tweet his true feelings for the character and how excited he is for the project.

However, as per THR's report, James Wan will produce Aquaman movie spin-off.

As of now, no other details have been revealed by the studio. It would be interesting to see how Warner Bros. will tell the story of ocean monsters. At the same time, fans will be eager to know if the upcoming spin-off movie will feature Jason Momoa as Aquaman or not. If it does, then it would become another superhero movie featuring the former Game of Thrones star.